Portable Commercial Air Conditioning

When You Need Cooling…MOVINCOOL

MOVINCOOL portable air conditioning units are affordable, easy to use, and a quick solution when the fixed air conditioning unit fails or is no longer sufficient. They are efficient at keeping people and electronic equipment cool instantly, quietly, and efficiently.


Prevents System Failures


No Costly Installation


Self-Contained & Portable


Variety of Ducting Options

Advancements in Portable Cooling Systems

MOVINCOOL is the next generation in spot cooling. Time tested and proven, these portable air conditioners have been cooling factories, warehouses, and offices around the world for over 20 years. It’s design and reliability makes it the unit of choice for environments filled with heat-generating electronics. With a wide range of cooling capacities and options, these units will meet virtually every cooling need.

  • Electronic Touch Controls
  • 24-hr Programmable Operating Modes
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • 13,000 btu/h of Cool Air
  • Provides Cooling in the Mid-60s °F
  • Two-Speed Fan
  • Adjustable Diffused Louver
  • No Costly Installation Necessary
  • Made in the USA

Installing The Best And Servicing The Rest

Maximize performance, maintain efficiency, and ensure safety.